All songs written and performed
by Fred Williams

Songs performed on:
Roland Fantom X8 Workstation,
Ensoniq TS-10 synthesizer

“In Six Days” drum sequence
arranged by Brian Cook

CD artwork by Larry Williams

Digitally Mastered by Tom Capek of Colorado Sound Recording Studios

Special thanks to my wife,
Sandy Evangeline Williams

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"Fred Williams' debut recording, Lighthouse Dawn, amply displays his talent for writing catchy, instantly likable keyboard-based new age "pop" music, i.e. that brand of instrumental music which is not jazz yet not really adult contemporary either, but instead somewhere in-between". - Bill Binkelman, Editor, Wind & Wire

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Lighthouse Dawn emanates a taste of Manheim Steamroller, John Tesh, and Yanni with an uplifting flow of piano, strings, horns, and percussion. The CD begins with sounds of the ocean at dawn, with waves and wind and seagulls in the backdrop of piano and strings, flowing into a dramatic orchestra melody. The path along the way brings the ballad of Now & Forever, an unforgettable sax lead in the uplifting Tree of Life, the piano & acoustic guitar in Autumn Reflections, the striking piano melody and violin crescendo in Evangeline, and finally the end of the day with the quiet yet dynamic Eventide...


1. Lighthouse Dawn (5:44)

MP3 listening tips

[MP3 sample - chorus]

2. Beacon of Light (4:40)

[MP3 sample - chorus]

3. Now & Forever (3:57)

[MP3 sample - opening, verse]

4. Tree of Life (5:16)

[MP3 sample - sax solo]
[MP3 sample - grande finale]

5. In Six Days (4:05)

[MP3 sample - opening]

6. Autumn Reflections (5:32)

[MP3 sample - chorus]

7. Evangeline (6:18)

[MP3 sample - opening]
[MP3 sample - violin/cello finale]

8. Eventide (3:56)

[MP3 sample - opening]

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